Celebrating Strong Women

Through our work, we have the privilege of working with some exceptional women. Women who have overcome extraordinary challenges. Women who have acted boldly to stand up against their abusers. Women who have taken steps, both small and large, to improve their lives and the lives of her children. In honour of International Women’s Day, we would like to take a moment to celebrate two of these extraordinary women.

Kuhle* was referred to LvA for counselling in connection with an ongoing abusive relationship.  When she first started meeting with LvA’s social worker, she struggled to express herself during her sessions. However, through these sessions, she became more confident when expressing her feelings and was able to understand and articulate the origins of her trauma. In addition, the client was empowered to leave her abusive partner and thereby, restore a safe environment for herself and her children. By the end of her sessions, the client appeared to be in a positive space and was thriving in her newly secured independence and freedom from her abusive partner.

Sophie* was abused by her boyfriend and would occasionally even have to miss work due to the severity of the abuse. She was referred to LvA for assistance. Sophie began meeting with LvA’s social worker for individual counselling sessions and initially presented feelings of fear, shame and guilt. Through these sessions, LvA’s social worker helped Sophie to understand the nature and impacts of trauma which helped to normalise the reactions and emotions she experienced. This understanding helped Sophie regain a sense of control over her life. Over time, she demonstrated gradual improvements in her mental state including regaining an interest in her work, establishing regular sleeping patterns and implementing healthier coping strategies. At the same time, she decided to stand up against her abuser and secured a protection order against him with the assistance of LvA’s legal team.

Today, we celebrate their courage.

We celebrate their resilience.

We celebrate their strength.

And we are honoured to have played a small part in their story.


*Names changed to protect client confidentiality.

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