LvA seeks to hold perpetrators of violence accountable and to ensure the justice system works for everyone.

Systemic Change

By working deeply in individual communities, LvA seeks not only to provide critical assistance to individual victims of violence, but also to address the broader systemic issues that lead to violence in the first place and then allow it to persist.

Through strategic engagement with local state actors (such as the police and court officials), civil society organisations and other stakeholders, LvA works to improve the response of state actors to GBV and foster better working relationships among all stakeholders.

Our Impact

State actor partnerships
Individuals trained
Diepsloot GBV Forum Members

Our Interventions

Increased Collaboration

Recognising a need for increased collaboration among local GBV stakeholders, LvA established the Diepsloot GBV Forum in early 2018. The aim of the forum is to create a platform for collaboration and collective action to prevent, reduce and respond more efficiently and effectively to GBV incidents in Diepsloot. The forum brings together both state actors (ie. the police, court officials and local government) and non-state actors (ie. non-profit organisations and community policing forums). To date, the forum has initiated advocacy efforts for GBV-related service improvements in Diepsloot, including the provision of post-rape medical care, access to local shelters and other campaigns to raise awareness of GBV.

Local Accountability

LvA works to hold state actors accountable in individual instances of misconduct. These acts of misconduct include poor treatment of GBV victims, misapplication of the law and acts of corruption and may be committed by state actors at every level including police officers, prosecutors, court clerks and magistrates.

As LvA learns of an instance of misconduct or observes one first-hand, we act quickly to report the misconduct to the appropriate senior official at the time it occurs. In so doing, LvA holds individuals within the justice system personally accountable for the poor treatment of GBV victims, misapplication of the law and acts of corruption, while also insisting that the State does the same.

Capacity Building

Recognising that most state actors work in highly traumatic, under-resourced and capacity-constrained environments, LvA seeks to work in partnership with state actors. Through these partnerships, LvA seeks to provide the support state actors need to perform their roles more effectively including the provision of trainings and relevant resource materials.

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