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Nwabisa Dlova


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Nwabisa Dlova joined LvA in November 2021. Nwabisa is a registered social worker with over 8 years’ experience in the GBV and child protection sectors. She holds a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Fort Hare. Before joining LvA, Nwabisa worked for the East London Child and Youth Care Centre, providing psychosocial support to children and their families; and Masimanyane Women’s Rights International, providing psychosocial support to GBV survivors and leading capacity building initiatives including facilitating trainings on sexual reproductive health in Mozambique, Ghana and Uganda. Nwabisa is a graduate of the Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity Programme. Nwabisa is a Pan-African feminist, passionate about women’s human rights, sexual reproductive health, and literacy and believes in a safe and just world where equity is operative; safety from violence, discrimination, and poverty build capacity for women to thrive, not only to survive.

Date Joined: November 2021
Reading, journaling, mindfulness, traveling and hiking